August 15, 2009

Foxy - Picture and Step-by-step

My greatest coloring work ever, and the first work I ever truly finished.

Lineart was done on openCanvas 1.1.
Colors were done on Paint Tool SAI.

Also, please do not expect me to finish any of the WIPs I posted here, okay? I'm too lazy to turn on my older computer to bring 'em over to my newer one, and now that I have SAI I don't want to have to download GIMP just to finish that last pic.

Also, here's the step-by-step on this one, in case you're curious:


Seeleunitone August 16, 2009 at 4:34:00 PM MST  

It looks great. The coloring is quite good & I like her hair & eyes. I know that this had to take a long time to make but you almost make it seem effortless.

Though have you have thought about drawing any other type of anthropomorphic characters?

Like a half human/Hyena? Half human/cow female.

Just thought I should ask. It could be interesting to see if you ever wanted to try something like that.

Anyway nice drawing.

PS:Feel free to comment on my latests drawing on my blog if & when you feel like it.

thetruehentaiaddict August 16, 2009 at 5:27:00 PM MST  

Actually, I've drawn more, but most of 'em are still in my sketchbook. Right now, I have a cowgirl, a shemale raccoon, a horse girl, a gay lizard, a shape-shifting yorkie, a hermaphrodite pitbull and a Tasmanian devil who's also one of the only sane men. I think an old drawing of the raccoon's still in my gallery on HA (the "scraps" folder).

Glad you liked the pic, btw. :)

P.S. I checked out your drawing on HA. Liked it, but I don't have time to critique right now. Sorry.